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研討會 / 教育講座

Audience – kindergarten and early primary teachers

  • Understand the definition of “school readiness”
  • Identify early risk factors that may lead to cognitive, social-emotional, and behavioral challenges
  • Recognize the symptoms of common early childhood disorders
  • Explore effective early intervention strategies for at-risk young learners
  • Gain perspectives on how to talk to parents about children’s learning needs
  • Learn about professional support services in the community

Audience – Early Primary School Teachers

  • What kinds of speech & language problems affect children and their learning?
  • Why are Speech & Language Skills Critical for Literacy?
  • Red Flags
  • Role of a Speech Therapist in School
  • Referral Procedures

Audience – Early Primary School Teachers

  • Tips for teachers to increase attention levels at school
  • Creative Occupational Therapy strategies to increase fine motor development
  • Create a sensory friendly environment to increase overall arousal and attention at school

Audience – Parents with babies and toddlers

  • Developmental milestones for babies and toddlers
  • Bilingual language development
  • Early red flags
  • Technology use for early childhood