Our Team
We are multi-lingual professional practitioners locally and internationally trained to provide comprehensive assessments and evidence-based services to children needing support in behavior, learning, communication and social skills. Our services are provided in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin.

Dr. Maureen Kong, PsyD. (Clinical)

Registered Clinical Psychologist (Hong Kong and Australia)

Dr. Kong is a Clinical Psychologist who is dedicated to enhancing the emotional, social, behavioural and educational well-being of children and their families. Dr. Kong is experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a range of emotional, behavioural and developmental difficulties in clinical and research settings both in Hong Kong and in Australia.

Dr. Kong's qualifications include Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) at the University of Hong Kong, Master of Clinical Psychology and a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at University of NSW, Australia. Dr. Kong values and maintains the importance of continuous professional development in order to enhance her skills and to receive information on the most updated and effective evidence-based interventions. She collaborated with the University of Hong Kong, Department of Psychology to develop and evaluate coaching programs for young children with special needs and their parents living in Hong Kong. Preliminary results show that the program can effectively reduce parental stress, improve children's social and behavioural development and allow parents to enjoy a more harmonious parent-child relationship (Kong and Au, 2018).

Dr. Kong is involved in raising public awareness on how to support children with special needs in their development in HK. She has provided lectures to equip teachers with research-based strategies at the Montessori Asia Conference, Yew Chung College of Childhood Education; and presented at the HK ASD Conference. In her spare time, she has also out-reached to the Shamshuipo community to provide ongoing parent coaching workshops to economically-challenged families on a pro-bono basis.

Dr. Kong is fully registered with the Hong Kong Psychological Society and the NSW Psychologists’ Registration Board. She is also a member of the Australian Psychological Society, College of Clinical Psychologist. She is a certified Incredible Years Basic Parent Group leader. The Incredible Years program is a model program in the USA to promote children’s academic, social, emotional regulation and reduce inappropriate behaviours.


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Professional Qualifications and Certifications

Registered Clinical Psychologist: (HK-HKPS, Australia-AHPRA)
College of Clinical Psychologist (APS)
Associate Fellow(HKPS)


PsyD. (Clinical),
University of Hong Kong

M. Psych (Clinical),
University of New South Wales, Australia

B. Psych, (Hons),
University of New South Wales, Australia